The IFCJ Ratings Are the Reflection of the Firm’s Decades Of Hard Work

The IFCJ or International Fellowship for Christians and Jews has done exceptional work to help thousands of impoverished Jews for several decades. The program of IFCJ helped the estranged Jews to relocate to their country from different parts of the world specifically the former Soviet Union or Africa. Recently IFCJ expanded their partnership with JDC in the former Soviet Union to help elderly Jews with food, shelter, and medicine.

IFCJ ratingsThe programs run by IFCJ are massive and have positively impacted the society over the years but to run such a program regularly, the need for good funds is essential. Unfortunately, a large number of charity firms were set up in recent days and scammed millions of people which created a negative image of every charity organization in the society.

The need for ratings and reviews:

As the number of such illegal firms were increasing, the need to have an independent auditor was becoming more and more critical. It triggered a reaction in the society which resulted in several auditing firms such as BBB or Charity Navigator to drop into the scenario. These firms inspect every aspect of the day to day running of the organizations and take a note of it. They check all the monetary transactions done by the firm in that particular financial year and how does the hierarchy system work in the firm in question.

The factors which influenced such high ratings:

IFCJ ratingsThe IFCJ ratings provided by these auditors reflects the positive image of the years of hard work as almost all auditors rated them highly and hold them in high regards. The independent firms were quite impressed with how the firm works, and it reflected in the IFCJ ratings. They were highly impressed with how the budget gets allocated every year or how long is the tenure of the Board of Director and several other intrinsic matters.

The IFCJ ratings helped the firm to maintain a clean image in the society which had a good reflection on their yearly donations.