Renting an Apartment – Every First Timer Should Know

Moving out for the first time can be quite nerve wracking as well as thrilling. Whether it is moving out of the campus and enter into an apartment or a house or moving from your parent and settling a new life in a different home, it is really going to be a new experience for you.

However when you are good enough to prepare a checklist of your own then you will be ultimately a successful decision maker. Otherwise, you need not worry, looking for apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ, is no longer a problem, here is the checklist for the first timers

Apartment Renting Guide – For the first timers

Checking on the budget– This is a very serious question and can make or break the comfortability of your lifestyle. Set a budget and make your search according to the budget.

Maintenance and Utility Charges– When it comes to for apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ, it doesn’t involve just the rent alone rather it comes along with the maintenance and utility charges. So ensure whether it is added along with the rent or you need to pay additionally apart from rent.

Does it involve additional charges? – Some landlords requires two month advance as security deposit which would be returned at the end of your lease. In the case of lease break, does it involve extra charges? Check on all these aspects.

Is Co-Signer required?-Certain lease agreement requires the signature of the co-signer. Co-signer are the ones who guarantees for your lease by signing a contract. If you are not able to bear your rent, the burden legally falls upon the cosigner.


Make lease-friendly changes if any before you unpack all of your stuff, so you don’t have to deal with later problems.

Saving All Community Purposefully

Human beings always need a favorable environment to adapt and grow, as per the expectations in life. IFCJ has been working continuously for the survivors, from the different groups of society. Especially the people who have been suffering in other countries and wants to get back to their own homeland. IFCJ ratings are so high that the leaders from whole of the world are expecting a great deal of change to be arrive very soon. In terms of the betterment expected, for the pressurized communities in the Country. That was never ever imagined by any of the prevalent movements.

IFCJ reviews are so direct and understanding, that everyone is appreciating the efforts performed by them for taking the Israel citizens back to their homes. In addition to which, you can easily witness the input and the results achieved by the movement for bringing the poor and orphans to the level of leading a normal life. No matter what is the reasons for suffering, they must be treated in the maximum possible manner to feel the achievable and expected lifestyle. IFCJ rating has proven to be the guide, for the generations to arrive for the successful efforts to be keyed in.

Is IFCJ a good charity can easily be understood by the people, who have been receiving the aid due to the donations, received from different people or organizations. It can easily be accepted by the people willing to extend their support, in terms of any amount they want to. You can also pay the funds on periodical basis or depending upon your wish and availability of the finances. That proves to be beneficial for the people, who are in real need of various aid for their survival. So that, they can again live with the respect and dignity.

Brief introduction of Yechiel Eckstein

American rabbi

            Yechiel Eckstein was Israeli American rabbi. He was a charity worker who established the philanthropic organization for the welfare of the Jews. Its headquarters was in Chicago and Jerusalem and he served as the president of the organization. The sad news is that he passed away on February 6 2019 after getting a cardiac attack. The main objective of the organization was to support the Jews in the times of the financial crisis. It also promoted the emigration of the Jews to Israel and also supports the poor soldiers in military of Israel. The organization gained a lot of popularity and in 2003 it was listed as second largest charitable organization.

Family background

Yechiel Eckstein

            Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was born as the son of rabbi and his father was psychologists. He served at number of organizations at higher posts. Rabbi Eckstein founded the fellowship of Christians and Jews in the years of 1983. It was mainly done to make the Christians and Jews work together on the projects which were related to safety and security of the Jews around the world. The main goal of the organization was to provide materials and food to the needy Jewish families and also the elderly who do not had any support. They were served by medicines and food. Another mission of the organization was promoting the Jewish immigration in Israel. The third purpose was to support Israel military by offering services to the poor soldiers.

            When he started fellowship with IFCJ, he had no salary with him and also did not have any medicinal benefits. He worked as a rabbi and he also earned a lot of donation from the fellow Jews in the early years. Eckstein is now well known for the private donation which he gave to the Israeli military and that has gained a lot of positive IFCJ reviews.

Roberto Casula; And His Success Story on ENI

Roberto Casula, the Senior Executive at ENI. Being associated to ENI, he has lead to open innovations and corporate ventures. In the year 1962, he was born in Cagliari. He graduated in the field of engineering.

The Person

He has always been in thirst of meeting new people and new opportunities. Robert is associated with Eni since 1988 as an engineer. In this company he has served various positions. Apart from handling Italy, he handled Milan and even Africa and Middle East. He has been in very coveted position in an organization, Eni and was even appointed as the MD of Eni, Libya in the year 2005.

Robert is conferred the responsibilities of handling all the projects of the continent of Middle East and Africa which includes the program for the ultimate development of Mozambique. In an interview, he said that he wants to focus on Eni, Operations and Development Technology department. Curiosity is the mantra of his success and according to him curiosity can pop up anytime. Robert Casula ENI is an identity of its own and the master has utilized the curiosity to move towards better.

The Man Himself

Roberto Casula eni

Casula is always young at heart and never feels the burden of a relation. The entrepreneur in him has always been active and he still has the urge of doing things differently and in unique ways. He says, ‘Before sleeping, I figure out what to do the next day and that is what the ultimate necessity is.’

He has always kept challenging the situation and himself to grow and to prosper. He is even said saying that he draws inspiration from TED. He believes in developing as many as good relationships in life as one can. Being kind and honest is the only way to become humble.

Abandoning the comfort zones can be rewarding sometimes.  And he still believes in the quote,’ Genius is seeing the opportunity where others do not see.’