The Insight of the Early and Personal Life of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

February 6th came as a black day for the Jewish people. This is the day when Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein took his last breath and left this world. This is a big loss not only for the Jewish community but also for many people around the world. He was seen as a strong support pillar for the Israelis. He was a well-known person for his charity works that has made life much easier for Jewish people. Let’s find out how was his earlier life and deep about his personal life.

Early life

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The Jewish charity worker Yechiel Eckstein was born on July 11th, 1951. He was born in the city of Winthrop in Massachusetts. His father Dr. Simon “Sy” Eckstein was a Jewish scholar and a psychologist. He was given the title of Rabbi that stands for the scholars in Jewish culture. His wife Bella Eckstein was a resident of Tempa, Florida. In 1952, his father appointed as the chief Rabbi of Ottawa so the family moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. At that time he was only one year old. He was raised there and graduated from the Yeshiva University High School for boys.

Personal life

The Jewish charity worker Rabbi Eckstein has dual citizenship. He has American citizenship and in the year 2002, he also took Israeli citizenship. He first married to Bonnie Siegman and had three daughters. He divorced his first wife and got married to Joelle. His daughter Yael Eckstein is the current president of IFCJ, which is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

A very few people know that except for IFCJ reviews he was also a Hasidic singer and recorded six CDs. You will be amazed to know that he was also a member of The Y’DID Singers, Kol Salonika, and The Rabbis’ Sons. He was also the co-leader of a band Called “Ashira” in 1990.

Roberto Casula; And His Success Story on ENI

Roberto Casula, the Senior Executive at ENI. Being associated to ENI, he has lead to open innovations and corporate ventures. In the year 1962, he was born in Cagliari. He graduated in the field of engineering.

The Person

He has always been in thirst of meeting new people and new opportunities. Robert is associated with Eni since 1988 as an engineer. In this company he has served various positions. Apart from handling Italy, he handled Milan and even Africa and Middle East. He has been in very coveted position in an organization, Eni and was even appointed as the MD of Eni, Libya in the year 2005.

Robert is conferred the responsibilities of handling all the projects of the continent of Middle East and Africa which includes the program for the ultimate development of Mozambique. In an interview, he said that he wants to focus on Eni, Operations and Development Technology department. Curiosity is the mantra of his success and according to him curiosity can pop up anytime. Robert Casula ENI is an identity of its own and the master has utilized the curiosity to move towards better.

The Man Himself

Roberto Casula eni

Casula is always young at heart and never feels the burden of a relation. The entrepreneur in him has always been active and he still has the urge of doing things differently and in unique ways. He says, ‘Before sleeping, I figure out what to do the next day and that is what the ultimate necessity is.’

He has always kept challenging the situation and himself to grow and to prosper. He is even said saying that he draws inspiration from TED. He believes in developing as many as good relationships in life as one can. Being kind and honest is the only way to become humble.

Abandoning the comfort zones can be rewarding sometimes.  And he still believes in the quote,’ Genius is seeing the opportunity where others do not see.’