Brief introduction of Yechiel Eckstein

American rabbi

            Yechiel Eckstein was Israeli American rabbi. He was a charity worker who established the philanthropic organization for the welfare of the Jews. Its headquarters was in Chicago and Jerusalem and he served as the president of the organization. The sad news is that he passed away on February 6 2019 after getting a cardiac attack. The main objective of the organization was to support the Jews in the times of the financial crisis. It also promoted the emigration of the Jews to Israel and also supports the poor soldiers in military of Israel. The organization gained a lot of popularity and in 2003 it was listed as second largest charitable organization.

Family background

Yechiel Eckstein

            Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was born as the son of rabbi and his father was psychologists. He served at number of organizations at higher posts. Rabbi Eckstein founded the fellowship of Christians and Jews in the years of 1983. It was mainly done to make the Christians and Jews work together on the projects which were related to safety and security of the Jews around the world. The main goal of the organization was to provide materials and food to the needy Jewish families and also the elderly who do not had any support. They were served by medicines and food. Another mission of the organization was promoting the Jewish immigration in Israel. The third purpose was to support Israel military by offering services to the poor soldiers.

            When he started fellowship with IFCJ, he had no salary with him and also did not have any medicinal benefits. He worked as a rabbi and he also earned a lot of donation from the fellow Jews in the early years. Eckstein is now well known for the private donation which he gave to the Israeli military and that has gained a lot of positive IFCJ reviews.