A Great Contribution of John Lippmann in the Digital World of Book

Book industry and “Book of the month Club” are directly connected since 1926. The people enjoyed reading and purchasing books from here. The club was popular for its collection and many other clubs are also connected to each other. However, this great business started to shrink after reshaping of selling books by Amazon. This created a huge difficulty and many members went out to somewhere else. Ownership changed, but no one could work in a better way to hold it tightly in the industry until John Lippmann became its owner.

How Lippmann’s ownership of the book club is successful?

Bertelsmann and Time Inc. jointly work for the club, however, Bertelsmann bought and a popular media investor named Jahm Najafi handled this club. In very straight words, the owners for last three decades did not give the right direction to this. They are even unable to work and run properly. At the same time John Lippmann was informed the condition by some known person.

  • John stated some ideas to Najafi, but it was a great discussion. Ultimately, acquisition came to john and he started doing work for this club in all possible way.

  • He started thinking that how to overcome the situation and make it demandable for the book lovers. He thought of making deal through online. However, at that current situation it was impossible. So, he shut down the club and then opened is again in the last quarter of 2015.
  • The most appropriate changes he did as the online service of hardcover. His ideologies have made it successful. He created website for customers and now he is one of the most popular for readers in this book industry.

Now, it is clear that John Lippman is the most accurate person for the club and everyone in the book industry appreciate that.