The Australian Government Website to Facilitate Your ETA Application Filing

Under Visa Waiver Program (VWP), a traveler to Australia from a qualifying nation is eligible to land in this country through Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), an electronic document that allows visa-free entry by linking to your passport. you are passport holder of a qualifying nation, there’s an easy way for you to plan and make a short-term trip to Australia, seeking benefit of ETA issued under VWP which is in force since 1996, though some first-time travelers may not be have familiarity of this program. If you are planning to visit Australia as a short-term tourist/business visitor, you can seek necessary help to know details and file your application online on the website

Government website for ETA

How you can be helped by visiting on This single website will serve your entire purpose of ETA by providing all details of Electronic Travel Authority such as to know your eligibility, answer to your doubts, and to make online application. content on this website is clear about ETA so that there is no confusion as you may face on some other private website because this website is administered by the Australian Government.

Something important to know about ETA

ETA is not a visa, but a good alternative to visa without hassle and benefits of the latter. You may not spend much time in Australia on ETA, but it can serve your purpose, if you are not going to stay for more than 90 days. Remember, validity of this document is 12 months from the date of its issue, but you can travel to Australia multiple times during its validity, but cannot stay for a period exceeding 90 days at a stretch. In this way, it’s quite like a visa. More details are available on the website.

Visit Australian government website

It is always recommended to use for ETA information and application because it is reliable and provides authenticated information. Your load of ETA application filing is greatly reduced on this website and chance of making mistake is also reduced.