Changing Scene of Legendary Book of the Month Club

Have you heard about reader’s paradise? It seems amazing, but not new to enthusiastic readers. In travel industry, paradise on earth is a commonly used term for awesome scenic destinations, and reader’s paradise is the place where a reader may have access to plenty of good literature in the form of book diversity.

Reader’s paradise

Where is this reader’s paradise? This awesome place is in Manhattan, the headquarters of the Book of the Month Club. Every shelf and every desk in this headquarter is decorated with stacks of hardcovers in crisp colorful jackets. There is abundance of literature for enthusiastic readers to read and gain knowledge on various topics. This is not the limit because new releases continue to pour in every year.


America’s iconic book club

The Book of the Month Club is America’s over nine decades old iconic book club being managed by its present Chief Executive Officer John Lippmann. He is an apex position holder and one of the three key persons of this book club. The Club which was founded 93 years ago by Harry Scherman, a copywriter for the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, is now managed by John along with two others Blake Orlandi as Chief Operating Officer and Delaney Manders as Chief technical Officer, besides entire team that make great contribution in its day to day operations.

Past and present of Book of the Month Club

The rapid growth of this book club is hallmark of its success, and substantial credit goes to John Lippmann, its CEO for efficient management. The enthusiastic readers associated with this club are usually in 20s, 30s, and early 40s. This club fed three generations of keen readers, but scenario of this nine-decade old brand has changed; new people and their new ideas, and advent od internet regime has brought lot of change in the club’s scene, but efforts of people like John Lippman are pillar for this legendry book club and helped it to survive.