How to achieve sebum control using oral acne antibiotics

Oral antibiotics have been used as acne medication for quite some time.

A part of the reason why a lot of dermatologists recommend oral medication to people suffering from mild to moderate or even severe acne breakouts is because of these compounds’ amazing sebum control.

Make no mistake. The reason why you have developed acne in the first place is because your pores got clogged. Normally, your skin would produce oil, as well as perspiration. With everything else being equal and normal, your skin basically gets wet, it produces moisture and produces oil.

This oil ensures that your skin remains supple, healthy and soft to the touch. In other words, it’s a natural part of your skin’s regeneration and nourishing cycle. Things get thrown off track when your skin produces too much oil. This is where medication or alternative sorts of treatments involving sebum control enter the picture.

You would have to control the amount of oil your body produces, otherwise your skin would attract a lot more bacteria than normal. When these bacteria enter the picture, pretty much all hell breaks loose because your skin becomes inflamed, it gets red, the blocked pores become infected and it’s a mess.

You probably don’t need to be reminded of just how bad it could be. Those white spots that you see on your skin, that’s actually an infection. Sebum control oral medication paired with oral antibiotics go a long way in preventing this downward spiral from happening. It’s really important to note that oral antibiotics with sebum control medications need to be geared towards the severity and persistence of your acne.

If you’re the type of person who tends to suffer from moderate to severe types of acne, you probably need to insist on stronger antibiotics. You might want to graduate away from penicillin and ask for something that contains tetracycline or some sort of macrolide antibiotic.

Please note that just like with any other type of medication currently on the market, oral antibiotics, whether used for acne or not, also carry side effects. This never leaves the picture. It’s always part of the package, so please be prepared for the slight possibility that you may get dizzy or your stomach might get upset if you use this type of anti-acne solution.

The good news here is that your doctor needs to only give you antibiotics for a very short period of time. Usually, this is enough to clear up your skin. They also need to make sure that this timeframe is very short because you would not want to develop antibiotic resistance.